Speaking Engagements

Greg Zakowicz is an e-commerce, retail, and email marketing speaker. He has spoken at events in the US, CA, UK, and AU, delivering impactful, actionable presentations. His unique style and touch of humor keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

Speaking topics include e-commerce and retail trends, consumer trends, email marketing strategy and analysis, email marketing best practices, holiday planning, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Gray November, email segmentation, building an email marketing program, customer retention, customer loyalty, SMS marketing, and social media marketing. A more complete list of topics can be found here .

Please consider Greg for your next event. A customized program can be tailored to your audience. You can view some of his engagements below.

2019 ▼

November 2019 - Retail Dive (webcast)
“Holiday Email Marketing 2019: Trends, Tips and Tactics”

October, 2019 - RetailWire (webcast)
“Call-To-Action! Top 2019 Holiday Email Marketing Trends and Tactics”

September, 2019 - Retail TouchPoints (webcast)
“Creating A Data-Driven Welcome Series That Generates Revenue”

September, 2019 - Oracle NetSuite (webcast)
“Earning Loyalty After the Purchase”

August, 2019 - Total Retail (webcast)
“Creating a Data-Driven Welcome Series That generates Revenue”

August, 2019 - Oracle NetSuite (webcast)
“Holiday Email Marketing Trends, Tips, and Tactics for 2019”

July, 2019 - Internet Retailer (webcast)
“Creating a Data-Driven Welcome Series That generates Revenue”

May, 2019 - Multichannel Merchant (webcast)
“Connecting with Gen Z Through Effective Email Marketing”

April, 2019 - Journée eCommerce - Ecommerce Day (Quebec City, Canada)
“Email Marketing: How to be Profitable and Why You’re Doing it Wrong”

April, 2019 - SuiteWorld (Las Vegas, NV)
Session 1: “Connecting with Gen Z with Effective Email Marketing”
Session 2: “It's Not One and Done: Creating Customer Loyalty with Post-Purchase Messaging”

February, 2019 - Retail Wire (webcast)
“The New Art of Listening to Customers”

February, 2019 - Multichannel Merchant (webcast)
“Designing Email and Emotional Rewards That Create Loyalty”

2018 ▼

December, 2018 - Internal SEM (Durham, NC)
“The "Customer Journey" and Spirit Animal Email Must-Haves”

November, 2018 - eMarketer (webcast)
"How to Nurture Customer Loyalty with Personalized Post-Purchase Emails"

October, 2018 - SuiteConnect West (San Francisco, CA)
"Building an Email Program Without Costly Buzzwords"

October, 2018 - CARMA (NY, NY)
"Forget the Win-Back and Start Nurturing Your Customers"

October, 2018 - NAPCO/Target Marketing (webcast)
"4 Steps for Boosting Customer Loyalty With Post-Purchase Emails"

September, 2018 - ROI Revolution Summit (Raleigh, NC)
"All I Want for Christmas is More Email Revenue: Preparing for the 2018 Holiday Season"
Live event cancelled due to Hurricane Florence. Presented as a webcast in October.

September, 2018 - Elite Digital Summit (NY, NY)
Panelist: "Machine Learning and Automation: What this Means for Marketing in 2020"

September, 2018 - Multichannel Merchant (webcast)
"Email Strategies to Prepare for the Holiday Season"

August, 2018 - NAPCO/Target Marketing (webcast)
"Email and Social Strategies to Prepare for the Holiday Season"

August, 2018 - Oracle Bronto (webcast)
"Email Strategies to Prepare for the Holiday Season"

August, 2018 - RetailWire (webcast)
"Online or In-Store: Exploring the Shift in Consumer Shopping Behavior"

July, 2018 - Yieldify (webcast)
"The Ultimate Guide to Customer Journey Optimization: Creating Customer Loyalty"

June, 2018 - BEHAVE (New Orleans, LA)
"Personalization & Data: What Consumers Want vs What Retailers Deliver"

June, 2018 - Multichannel Merchant (webcast)
"Consumers Want It and How Email Marketing Can Deliver It"

May, 2018 - eTail Canada (Toronto, Canada)
"Millennials and Gen-Zers. What Do They Want and How to Market to Them" (Roundtable)

May, 2018 - Magento (webcast)
"Visual Transformation: Creating High-impact Customer Experiences"

April, 2018 - SuiteWorld (Las Vegas, NV)
"Why Your Email Program Sucks"

March, 2018 - Retail TouchPoints Connected Consumer Series (webcast)
"Increased Expectations Means Better Email Marketing: Are You Prepared?"

March, 2018 - Internet Retailing UK (webcast)
"Consumer-Retailer Frontier: What Consumers Expect and Email Strategies that Deliver"

March, 2018 - Power Retail AU (webcast)
"What Consumers Want and Strategies for Retailers to Meet Their Needs"

March, 2018 - Digital Olympus (webcast)
"Product Recommendations: Best Practices & Critical Pitfalls to Avoid"

February, 2018 - Magento Live Australia (Sydney, Australia)
"Consumer-Retailer Confessions: What Consumers Really Want and Expect"

February, 2018 - eTail West (Palm Springs, CA)
"The Frightening Divide Between Consumer Expectations and the Retail Experience"

February, 2018 - Persado (webinar)
Co-Presenter: "The Use of AI to Foster Customer-Centric Marketing"

2017 ▼

November, 2017 - BounceX (webinar)
"Are You Giving Customers What They Want?"

October, 2017 - CARMA (NY, NY)
"I Am Not a Robot: Effective Segmentation Strategies for Humans"

September, 2017 - Retail TouchPoints Retail Strategy & Planning Series (webinar)
"Every Day’s A Holiday: How To Have A Successful 2017 Holiday Season"

September, 2017 - FitForCommerce (webinar)
"Cultivating Loyalty with Data-Driven Messaging"

September, 2017 - Olapic (webinar)
"How Brands Succeed With Personalized Content & Contextual Commerce"

August, 2017 - AMA Triangle Link + Think for Marketing Automation (Raleigh, NC)
"Why Your Email Program Sucks"

July, 2017 - BVAccel (webinar)
"Optimizing Your Email: The Strategy and Tactics To Be Successful"

June, 2017 - Oracle + Bronto (webinar)
"State of Email & eCommerce: Key Insights Into Industry Trends & Strategies"

June, 2017 - Shopify+ (webinar)
"How Ecommerce Managers Should Adapt to Today's Changing Buyer Behaviors"

June, 2017 - IRCE (Chicago, IL)
"Be a Revolutionary: Adapting Lifecycle Messages to Changing Consumer Behaviors"

May, 2017 - eTail Canada (Toronto, ON)
Program Chair, Day 1: Opening remarks, panel moderation, and speaker introductions.
Day 1 & 2 Roundtables: "Creating Customer Loyalty With Effective Post-Purchase Messaging"

April, 2017 - SuiteWorld (Las Vegas, NV)
"How Changing Consumer Behavior Should Inform Your Commerce Marketing Strategy"

April, 2017 - Bronto Summit (Las Vegas, NV)
SESSION 1: "State of Email & eCommerce: Key Insights Into Industry Trends & Strategies"
SESSION 2: "Why Your Email Program Sucks"

March, 2017 - ROI Revolution Summit 2017 (Orlando, FL)
"Strategies For Targeting Today’s Ever-Changing Consumer"

March, 2017 - Retail TouchPoints 2017 Connected Consumer Series
"Perfecting Commerce Marketing With Deep Personalization"

March, 2017 - Target Marketing, All About Marketing Tech Virtual Conference & Expo
"Retail Revolution – In Store, Online And Everything In Between"

February, 2017 - eTail West (Palm Springs, CA)
"Creating Customer Loyalty by Reinventing Lifecycle Best Practices"

2016 ▼

December, 2016 - Internet Retailing UK (webinar)
"Brand Engagement: How the Top500 retailers Best Connect With Consumers"

November, 2016 - FC Tech Group, SoHo House NY (NY, NY)
"Borderless Shopping: Defending & Expanding Brand Turf" Fireside chat

November, 2016 - Fashion Digital New York (NY, NY)
"Adapting Lifecycle Messages To Target Changing Consumer Behaviors"

November, 2016 - Power Retail AU - (webcast)
"How a Changing Consumer Behavior Impacts Your Lifecycle Messaging Strategy"
Co-presenter: Greg Randall, Comma Consulting

November, 2016 - AddShoppers (webcast)
"The Mobile Holiday Game Plan for Online Retailers" (co-presenter)

September, 2016 - SLI Connect - Carnegie Hall (NY, NY)
"Lifecycle Messages, List Growth and Segmentation Success: An Everlast TKO"
Co-Presenter: Danit Zmora, Everlast

September, 2016 - Retail TouchPoints Retail Strategy & Planning Series (Webcast)
"Adapting Lifecycle Messages To Target Changing Consumer Behavior"

September, 2016 - Drapers UK (Webcast)
"Creating Customer Loyalty in an Ever-Connected World"

August, 2016 - DMA UK (Webcast)
"Goodbye Black Friday, hello Grey November - Consumer Insights and Festive Season Planning"

August, 2016 - Magento (Webcast)
"Goodbye Black Friday, Hello Gray November: Key Insights For The Holidays"

August, 2016 - NetSuite (Webcast)
"Email Marketing Programs to Engage Shoppers and Keep Them Coming Back"

June, 2016 - Internet Retailing UK (Webcast)
"Creating Customer Loyalty in an Ever-Connected World"

June, 2016 - Bronto (webcast)
"Automated Messages that Drive Revenue & Engagement"

May, 2016 - SuiteWorld 2016 (San Jose, CA)
"Best Practices: Preparing Your Email Campaigns for Your Peak Season"

May, 2016 - Bronto Summit 2016 (Miami, FL)
"The Real Fun Starts After the Sale: Boosting Loyalty With Post-Purchase Marketing"

May, 2016 - Bronto (webcast)
"Top 15 List Growth Strategies"

February, 2016 - ROI Revolution Summit (Orlando, FL)
"Creating Loyalty in an Un-loyal World: How to Build an Effective Post Purchase Series"

February, 2016 - Bronto (webcast)
"Creating A Revenue-Generating Welcome Series"

January, 2016 - SIA Snow Show (Denver, CO)
"Creating Loyalty in an Un-Loyal World: How to Build an Effective Post-Purchase Series"

January, 2016 - SIA Snow Show 2016 - Industry + Intelligence Day (Denver, CO)
"Key Lifecycle Marketing Tactics That Drive Revenue"

2015 - 2012 ▼

August, 2015 - Power Retail - Australia (webinar)
"30 Days to a Rock-solid Lifecycle Email Marketing Program"

May, 2015 - Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo
"Using Browsing Abandonment Behavior to Drive Revenue"

April, 2015 - Lorman Education Services (webinar)
"Keys to Creating Customer Loyalty with Effective Post Purchase Email Marketing"
Co-presenter: Sarah Dawber, Co-Founder, SIlvr Social
Co-presenter: Josh Hansen, Co-owner, Hansen’s Surf Shop

March, 2015 - Marketing Finder UK (webinar)
"Keys to Creating Customer Loyalty with Effective Post Purchase Marketing"

March, 2015 - Bronto Summit 2015 - (Miami, FL)
"Browser Abandonment Messaging: How to Use Browsing Data to Drive Revenue"
Co-presenter: Kellie Boggs, Marketing Strategist, Bronto Software

March, 2015 - Bronto Summit 2015 - (Miami, FL)
"Keys to Boost loyalty with Post Purchase Marketing"

October, 2014 - Fashion Digital New York - (NY, NY)
"The Real Fun Starts After The Sale: How to Boost Loyalty With Post-Purchase Marketing"

July, 2014 - Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo
"Baby, Please Don't Go! Keys To Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment"

April, 2014 - Bronto Summit 2014 - (Durham, NC)
"How Email Got Her Groove Back"
Co-presenter: Steve DuBois, Marketing Strategist, Bronto Software

April 2014 - Bronto Summit 2014 - (Durham, NC)
Panelist: "Live Email & Landing Page Critique"

February, 2014 - Commerce V3 User Conference - (Orlando, FL)
"Keys to Creating a Successful Abandoned Cart Strategy"

September, 2013 - Marketing Finder UK (Webinar)
"Know Your Customers - Reach and Influence with Relevant Emails"

April, 2013 - Commerce V3 User Conference - (Orlando, FL)
"How to Drive Revenue With an Effective Welcome Series"

April, 2013 - Bronto Summit 2013 - (Durham, NC)
"How to Lose a Customer in 10 Days"
Co-presenter: Steve DuBois, Marketing Strategist, Bronto Software

April, 2013 - Bronto Summit 2013 - (Durham, NC)
Panelist: "Live Email Critique"

April, 2012 - Bronto Summit 2012 - (Durham, NC)
Panelist: "The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Email Creative Critique"

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This was a great presentation. Greg did a wonderful job speaking to the crowd and engaging the group.

What They Said

Awesome session. Greg was a great presenter and delivered a ton of useful tips and insights.
Greg was awesome. My team’s favorite speaker so far!
Cool insights on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the ever evolving eCom landscape.
— Mark K.
One of the best sessions ever with Greg at Bronto Summit with fantastic loyalty recos... Should have snapped a pic when he posed!
— Samantha I.
Fantastic presentation by Greg! Straight to the point and in-depth.
Relevant information touching on key points, delivered in a clear and concise manner.
— Juelene S.
Well presented and engaging.
Great session today! Walked away with a start on mapping out improving post purchase emails for clients.
— Ivana S.
This is great and true advice from Greg. Your e-commerce strategy is going to make you grow or shrink.
— Allan Z.
Super well presented. Not as funny as Shaq but waaay more useful.
Great talk today! Many relevant takeaways on the post purchase experience. Much thanks.
— Brendan B.

Speaking Topics Include:

e-commerce Trends

Email Marketing Trends

Email Marketing Strategy

Consumer Trends

Customer Loyalty

Why Your Email Program Sucks

Email Best Practices

Re-Thinking Email Best Practices

Q4 Holiday Marketing Planning

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Gray November

Building an Email Program

SMS Marketing

Content Marketing

Email Marketing Strategy, including:

Abandoned Cart 

Browser Abandonment 

Product Recommendations

Gift Reminder Automation

 Holiday Planning


Post-Purchase Messaging



Welcome Series

Subscriber List Growth

Message Analysis